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Van den Berk Nurseries specialise in medium to very large sized trees, shrubs and rhododendrons. With around 450 hectares and a range that encompasses more than 1600 species and cultivars, we are one of the largest nurseries in Europe. Each day, more than 100 employees working at three locations use their knowledge and passion to cultivate, sell and deliver top quality trees to customers across 35 countries.

The trees end up in assorted locations such as city centres, business premises, parks and private gardens. This process involves our working closely with landscape architects and contractors, project developers, greenery managers, garden designers and gardeners, enabling us jointly to complete the most successful greenery projects, and that is a source of great pride for us! Read more about our company.

More than 1600 species and cultivars

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Successful greenery projects

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A suitable tree for every location

A suitable tree can be found for any location, however small or narrow, wet or dry, windy or shaded it may be. In difficult places, the site will need some preparation but there are lots of options available and we are happy to advise you find the right one. If you would like to examine these options for yourself, our search filters will let you choose from more than 1600 trees, shrubs and rhododendrons, all of which are available in Europe. We have listed some of the options available for a number of specific situations.

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Our team of professionals will be happy to assist you. Plan a nursery visit and discover our wide range in Trees, Shrubs and Rhododendrons.

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Well-chosen trees and shrubs make a valuable contribution to the quality of the outdoor space, whether we are talking public areas or private gardens. For this reason, we work closely with our customers to ensure the successful completion of projects that everyone can be proud of.

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